Developmental Discipline


The school’s approach towards discipline is for every student to acquire self discipline and be responsible conduct so as to contribute to the overall well-being of all in the school. Every child has the right to expect a conducive teaching and learning environment. Likewise, every student has the responsibility to contribute to that environment.

All Students and Parents are expected to fulfil the 3 Basic Expectations of RAW:

Three  Basic Expectations


1. Respect People and Property

Students are to be respectful in attitude and manner to people and property.

2. Attend School Regularly

Students are to attend all academic programmes, co-curricular activities, school functions and other school related programmes.

3. Do and Submit Work

Students are to work diligently not only on assigned daily class work, homework, projects and others but also have regular self-revision in order to ensure quality work is produced.



2.1.1 Attendance in school is compulsory. Absence from school must be supported by a medical certificate. Excuse from school may be granted on compassionate grounds and on a case-by-case basis. All medical certificates or letters of excuse must be submitted to the Form Teacher immediately when the student returns to school. Absence without valid reason will be deemed as truancy.

2.1.2 Parents need to apply for leave of absence for their child from the Vice-Principal to leave or absent themselves from school for urgent private matters. Permission to leave school early may be granted for special cases. The Form Teacher must be informed by the student and permission must be obtained from the Principal or Vice-Principal. His/Her parent/ guardian will be contacted and his/her name will be entered in the Early Dismissal book in the General Office. Students may leave for overseas travel only during school-announced or official holidays.

2.1.3 Students must be punctual for school, CCA and all school events. Students who are late for school i.e. after morning assembly regularily then he/she will be punished by suspension of classes for a few days.

2.1.4 Attendance in school is compulsory. When any student Absence whithout written permission then he/she will be punished by 50.00 Rs per day and His/Her admission will be cancelled after 3 day leaves of without permission.


2.2.1 Students are expected to be in school by 7.30 a.m. All Form Teachers will then mark attendance.

2.2.2 All students must stand at attention for the flag-raising ceremony. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

2.2.3 All students must sing the School Song with pride and respect.

2.2.4 During morning reflection, students are to listen carefully and to record down learning points in the handbook.


2.3.1. Classes are to proceed to the School Hall in a quiet and orderly manner and be seated quickly.

2.3.2 A respectful silence and orderliness must be maintained during all assemblies.

2.3.3 Students must not absent themselves and must be punctual.

2.3.4 Class attendance will be taken. Absence without a valid reason will be considered as truancy.



2.4.1 All students are expected to a caring, persevering and forward-looking person.

2.4.2 All students are to make good use of platforms created for your development.

2.4.3 All students and his/her parents are to make good conduct / behaviour with school management or school staff. when parent of a student conduct misbehave of school staff or managing member then they will punish by suspension of school for s a few days that will be decieded by institute head. 




2.5.1 Do leave the areas in school in a better condition and state of cleanliness after use.

2.5.2 Take good care of school properties and premises. Cost of replacement for vandalized items will be borne by student(s) responsible for the damage.

2.5.3 Maintain highest standards of cleanliness at all times on the school premises. Cleanliness includes the maintenance of the immediate surrounding areas.

2.5.4 Food and all sweet drinks are to be consumed only in the canteen. All cutleries and trays must be returned to designated receptacles and litter disposed into the rubbish bins.

2.5.5 Mobile phones can only be switched on in the canteen during recess or after school.



2.6.1 Work with all your classmates and teachers to achieve optimal outcomes.

2.6.2 All students must be punctual for lessons. Attendance will be taken before the start of each lesson.

2.6.3 Students must not to leave the classroom without permission by teachers.



2.7.1 Keep the classroom clean and neat at all times.

2.7.2 Consumption of food and sweet drinks are strictly not allowed in the classroom.

2.7.3 Show consideration to others by keeping the noise level low.

2.7.4 Update the class notice boards regularly.

2.7.5 Use of all forms of electronic gadgets is prohibited unless they are required for lessons, e.g. calculators for Maths and Electronic Dictionaries.

2.7.6 Students are not allowed to go to the lockers during the change of periods. All necessary materials must be taken from the lockers before assembly or during break-times.



2.8 School Uniform

In General

2.8.1 Students must wear the prescribed school uniform and any modification is strictly not allowed except to alter the length of the skirt and pants.

2.8.2 Students are to wear white school shoes or predominantly white (>95%) track shoes. White socks must be worn and visible at all times.

2.8.3 If for any reason a student cannot wear shoes (e.g. blisters, in-grown nail, etc.), the Form Teacher must be informed with the support of a doctor’s recommendation or a parent’s letter.

For Boys

2.8.4 White shirts and green pants or shorts must be purchased from the authorized tailor.

2.8.5 Tapering of pants is strictly not allowed. The pants may be altered to the appropriate length only*

For Girls

2.8.6 Brassieres must only be white or beige. No other colours are acceptable. Sports brassieres may only be worn during sports training or PE lessons.

2.8.7 Skirts must be purchased from the authorized tailor. They should be at kneelength, i.e. touching the knee caps.

2.9 Jewellery / Accessories

2.9.1 No valuables are to be worn to school. No visible chains, rings, bracelets, strips of any sort are to be worn with the school uniform or half-uniform.

2.9.2 Girls may only wear one set of plain black/gold/silver round ear-studs no bigger than 0.3 cm on each earlobe. No other or multiple earrings or ‘ear sticks’ are allowed. Other forms of body piercing are strictly not allowed.

2.9.3 Boys are not allowed to wear earrings/ear studs, ear sticks or have any other forms of body piercing.

2.9.4 Nails must be kept short and clean. Nail polish, varnish or hardener is not allowed.

2.9.5 Girls are not allowed to put on facial makeup.

2.9.6 Girls are not allowed to put on lipstick, lip gloss, or any other cosmetics.

2.9.7 Tattoos are strictly not allowed on any part of the body. Students found with tattoos may be suspended until efforts are made to remove them permanently.

The school reserves the right to confiscate any items that are prohibited.

2.10 Hair

2.10.1 Hair must be kept neat and tidy at all times.

2.10.2 Fancy hair styling, tinting, dyeing, highlighting and bleaching of hair are strictly not allowed for all students.

For Boys

2.10.3 Male students must be neat in appearance and clean-shaven at all times. No facial hair is allowed.

2.10.4 Hair must not touch the collar and must be sloped at the sides and rear. No sideburns and ducktails are allowed. The fringe must be above the eyebrows and should not be spiky. Hair when combed down should not touch the eyebrows or/and the ears.

2.10.5 Hair must not be permed.

For Girls

2.10.6 Female students must be neat in appearance at all times.

2.10.7 Long hair must be neatly tied up with simple black ribbons, hair bands and/or hair clips. Hair touching the shoulders.

2.10.8 Fringes must be above the eyebrows or pinned with black clips must be neatly tied at all times behind the ears.



3.1 Types of Offence include:

Failure to adhere to any one of the rules and regulations.

Absence from any detention

Defiance towards Student Leaders

Using handphone during curriculum time

Mischievous acts (e.g. playing pranks, non-detrimental acts)

Use of vulgarities/obscenities ‘inappropriate language

Skipping lesson/remedial/enrichment programme without valid reasons

Attempted truancy/truancy

Mishandling/Breaking of any school property (e.g. doors, AV & IT equipment etc)

 *students will also be asked to pay for the damages

Cheating in tests/examinations

 *no marks will be given to the papers

Acts of vandalism


Internet-related offences

Rudeness to school staff (i.e. ignore the school staff, showing a bad attitude, etc)

Any form of bullying (i.e. verbal, physical, emotional or cyber)

Defiance to school staff (i.e. challenge the school staff verbally or in action)




Inhalant or drug abuse

Involvement in secret society activities

Possession/consumption of narcotics, drugs or alcohol

Possession/viewing of pornographic material

Rioting/unlawful assembly

Shoplifting/stealing inside or outside school

Other criminal offences / police cases which involve any criminal proceedings


* The school reserves the right to mete out appropriate consequences and to involve external agencies whenever deemed necessary, if a student behaves in any other way detrimental to the moral tone of the school.

3.2 Types of Consequences

3.2.1 Detention

Detention is served after curriculum time. It takes precedence over remedial lessons, enrichment lessons and CCA. The duration of each detention depends on the number of occasions the student has been late for school. It ranges from 1 to 5 hours. During detention, the student is required to write a self-reflection. After which, the student may do his/her homework or assignments. The student is NOT allowed to use his/her handphone or any electronic devices during detention. He/ she is also NOT allowed to talk, discuss, waste time or sleep during detention.

3.2.2 Caning

Depending on the severity of the offence, male students will be given up to three strokes of the cane on the buttocks. Female students will not be caned but the school reserves the right to determine on the appropriate course of action.

3.2.3 Others

 Other consequences include in-house/home suspension and expulsion. If a student is involved in any criminal offence(s), he/she may be referred to the police or any other relevant agencies.

Use of handphones and unauthorised gadgets during curriculum time:

 • Handphones and unauthorised gadgets will be confiscated

Parents/Guardian will be informed.

Device will be returned to the parent/guardian.


Students who require help to be self-disciplined are nurtured individually or as a class through the CMP.

Under the CMP, these are some of the ways we guide the student and monitor his/ her progress:

Daily signing in/out from school

Daily reporting to an officer in PWDD before lessons begin

Period-by-period monitoring by subject teachers

Weekly, fortnightly or termly conferencing with an officer in PWDD

Regular one-to-one counselling with school counsellor

Special Programmes (in-house or with external agencies)


Class Committee

A Class Committee is set up in every class. This is one of the platforms for the students to exercise leadership in a safe and nurturing environment.



To provide students the opportunity to develop their leadership potential

To promote a sense of responsibility among students by encouraging them to serve their classmates as well as the school

To foster class spirit by enabling students to deal with the day-to-day affairs of their class




Helps maintain discipline of the class at all times

Is in charge of the Class Discipline File

Monitors class attendance and student movement

Assists in conveying information from school to his/her classmates

Chairs class meetings, which must be held at least once a term with form teachers

Helps organise class activities to promote class spirit

Ensures that lights and fans are switched off when classroom/facilities are not in use



Assists the Chairman in all his/her duties

Prepares the class duty roster and ensures the cleanliness of the classroom

Notifies the office if a teacher is absent or relief is not assigned

Keeps records of meetings

Manages class monetary matters and keeps financial records



Ensures that Homework Board is updated daily

Rosters teams to decorate the class notice board

Ensures that educational articles are put up for display on the notice board and updated periodically

Reports defective equipment to the office, e.g. faulty fans, light, etc

Organises activities to cater to the overall wellbeing of the class – e.g. birthday cards, thank you card, etc

Assists teachers in carrying out VIA activities

Reports any safety issue to the Form Teacher or Operations Manager

Ensures that health-related articles are put up for display on the health notice board and updated periodically



Oversees activities related to environmental matters

Creates green awareness in the class through class or school green activities

Encourages classmates in the recycling effort

Supports school recycling programme on regular basis

Helps and runs the environmental activities in the school



Is responsible for collecting and returning all ICT equipment

Assists teacher in setting up class for ICT lesson

Reports the breakdown of the ICT equipment to the ICT Department

Attends training sessions and meetings organised by the ICT Department



Assists PE teacher during PE lessons

Is responsible for drawing out and returning equipment for PE lessons

Selects and prepares classmates for inter-class competitions

Assists teacher during emergency evacuation

Champions health and safety in class

Collects and submits safety & health-promoting suggestions to Form Teacher or PE teacher



Supports the Form Teacher in all matters related to National Education,

e.g. Commemorative Days, National Day, VIA, etc

Initiates actions which will help the class to better understand National Education

Ensures that the class noticeboard is decorated with National Education materials



At least 4 subject representative positions. Each subject representative is responsible for 2 subjects or more if necessary, e.g. Subject Rep, EL & CL, Subject Rep. History & Geography

Collects assignments/exercise books and hands in to the respective subject teachers during recess time

Keeps records of assignments handed in

Informs teachers if classmates fail to hand in assignments